Bicycle Lock With Alarm


Top concern for many bicycle commuters is how to secure our bike when we arrive at our destination.

The key equipment is the bicycle lock.

Bicycle locks generally come in 3 forms:

  • Bicycle Cable Locks – These are relatively light and flexible to route through various parts of your bike, e.g. through frame, wheels, saddle
  • Bicycle Chain Locks– These are slightly heavier than cable locks. They are flexible to thread through various parts of your bike
  • Bicycle U-Lock – These locks are typically heaviest among the 3 bike lock forms. However, they are usually the strongest. Due to rigid construction of the U-lock, there is limitation to the number of bicycle components that you can secure with each lock.


In reality though, the strongest bike locks that we use may still be defeated by professional bike thieves who carry specialized tools such as cable cutter, bolt cutter, power saw, etc.


What we can do to hinder their attempts is to practice following:

  • Secure your bike with more than one lock. Create more huddles for the thief.
  • Use a bicycle lock with alarm for additional theft deterrent
  • Lock your bicycle in public view, better still if there is security camera monitoring nearby.

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