Bicycle Alarm Review | ANTUSI Wireless Bike Alarm And Rear Light


Have there been occasions when you just wanted to park your bike outside a store, run in, grab some merchandise and return within a minute ?

And the thought of spending time and effort to lock and unlock your bike just seem so troublesome for such a short quick errand ?

It happened to us many times and we thought it would be good to install a loud bicycle alarm to avoid the hassle of locking up (Not a good practice, we know).

Regardless, we discovered the ANTUSI Wireless Bike Alarm suit our use case.

And to top it off, it is also a bright rear cycling light and loud notification horn.

It is easily installed under the bicycle saddle on the saddle rails.

There are two possible mounting positions.  Either snugly under your saddle cavity or flipped the opposite direction.

The Plus:


Loud Anti-theft Alarm System

Ear piercing warning sound to ward off potential thief.


Bright Rear Bike Light

3 mode rear light enhances your visibility to other road users and increases your cycling safety.


Pleasant Loud Bike Horn

This device has a bell horn that you can notify others of your presence on the road.  It is a gentle notification tone.


Remote Control

The alarm is activated using a remote control.  This remote control can also turn on the rear bicycle light.


Bike Finder

You can use the remote control to locate your bike in a crowded parking area, by activating the bike light as well as the buzzer horn.

e-twow scooter with basket
e-twow scooter with basket

View our demo videos of this must-have device for bike commuters.

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