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FEDOG F-330 is a Bluetooth Bike Stereo Speakers with USB Power Output Port.

Some of its key features include:

66mm stereo speakers

Built in Radio/MP3 playback Function.

Bluetooth connectivity

Connects with mobile phone for hands free calls and other applications.

Waterproof Aluminium Casing

No worries about the device getting wet in the rain.

USB rechargeable battery

7800mAh, estimated 10 hrs.

USB Output

Can charge electronic devices that use the USB power specifications.

We used this bluetooth stereo speakers on our bicycle as well as our electric scooter.

The Plus:


Loud Speaker

Sufficiently loud volume to hear your music while riding.


Bluetooth Connection

Other than hands free calling, you may choose to tune in to internet radio channels via your mobile phone for additional entertainment options.

Connects via Bluetooth to your navigation device to boost the directional instructions. Allows you to focus on the road instead of straining your ears to hear the relatively soft volume from GPS unit.


USB Output

A very useful feature.  We sometimes use mobile phone, navigation GPS unit, Video camera and lights on long bike tours.  F-330 doubles up as a portable battery charger to power these devices we have on our ride.


Mounting Options

F-330 comes with a mounting bag.  It can also be easily slipped into a water bottle cage on the bike.


Other Usage

Bluetooth connectivity and auxiliary inputs make this speaker useful at home as well. Connects to your PCs, tablets, mobile devices for enhanced audio entertainment experience.

Bicycle bluetooth speakers
Bicycle bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth Stereo Bicycle Speakers

The Not So Ideal:



Some users might find the speaker size bulky.  Well, the size form factor allows it to have better sound output quality and a larger battery capacity.

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