Loud Bicycle Horn Review | FEDOG Bike Horn And Alarm System (F-118-B)


FEDOG Bike Horn And Alarm System (F-118-B) is a loud horn and anti-theft security device for bicycle (Two in one).

Some of its key features include:

Loud 110dB Sound

Similar to motorcycle horn volume.

Anti-theft Alarm With Remote Control

This remote control is used to arm or disarm the alarm.  This also becomes a device that you can use help locate your bike in a crowded parking area.

Waterproof Aluminium Casing

No worries about the device getting wet in the rain.

USB Rechargeable Battery

Estimated 200 hours standby.

We installed and used this alarm/horn combo on our bicycle as well as our electric scooter.

The Plus:


Loud Anti-theft Alarm System

An extra level of security when you need to leave your bike un-attended.


Loud Horn

Sufficiently loud sound to notify other road users of your presence sharing the busy road.  Increase your road safety.

e-twow scooter with basket
e-twow scooter with bag

The Not So Ideal:



Some users might find the size of this alarm slightly big, as compared to a traditional bicycle bell.  However, its diameter is similar to the horn found on most motorcycles.

With this alarm system activated on our bike / e-scooter, we feel more assured whenever we dash into a convenience store to pick up an item.

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