One of the enjoyments of sailing by boat or yacht is the opportunity to explore new destinations, seeing new things.

When you arrive at the port, you have to decide your land transportation.


Sometimes public transport or cabs (taxi) may not be readily available.  In such cases, you may be forced to travel by foot, unless you have brought your own transportation.


With many new adventures awaiting you just beyond shore, there is no better way to explore than on a bike.


Marinas are often located some distance out from town centers and shopping locations. So a bike might be a good thing to have aboard a sailing boat.  A bicycle helps you to travel further and faster than walking.


So what should you consider when getting a bicycle for your bike and boat tour ?

  • Storage Space – If you are a boat owner, you know space is limited.  Storage space is at an extreme premium on any boat, so your bike should be reasonably compact.
  • Light Weight – Depending on the size of your boat, a light weight bike may be favorable.
  • Corrosion Resistance – The salty ocean environment often cause rust to develop quickly and wreak havoc on metallic surfaces.  You will want to look for a quality bike that is less vulnerable to rust damages.


In view of above key considerations in selecting a bike for boats, we recommend this light weight folding bike.

  • Storage Space – This folding bike uses 16” wheels.  It uses a rectangular frame instead of usual round tube design.  This revolutionary design allows the bike to be folded down to a thickness of 20 cm (compared with usual 40 cm).  Now you can easily find storage in your cabin/cockpit lockers to keep this compact bike.
  • Light Weight – The weight of this bike is 6.9kg, much lighter than the average 10.5kg of many folding bicycles.  If you are sailing on a small boat or yacht, you will appreciate having a light weight folding bike.
  • Corrosion Resistance –  The frame and many parts on this folding bike are made of carbon fibre.  This material is corrosion resistant and rust cannot form.  The bicycle chain is the most rust prone element of a bike.  However, this bike uses belt-drive instead of chain-drive.  Another potential rust problem area eliminated.


This “perfect” folding bike is lightweight, simple to maintain and easy to store.

Get this bike, have fun exploring new places & seeing new things !

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